About Us

Creating ideal outdoor settings for your life. Outside.

Creating ideal outdoor settings for your life. Outside.

KIVA LANDSCAPE DESIGN BUILD INC. is a prestigious landscape design and installation company devoted to creating functional and aesthetic outdoor spaces for
discerning clients. The implementation of those designs using the highest
quality materials and professional installers.

At KIVA, we believe your property is an extension of your home and should be a usable, beautiful space that reflects your lifestyle of living. But don’t trust our word alone-view our portfolio to see a cross section of our designs from simple to extensive, contemporary to classic. Whether you desire a place to entertain, play or just relax. KIVA can create an ideal setting for your life. Outside.

KIVA is a Native North American word for an outdoor room. Traditionaly these rooms
were used as gathering areas and for special ceremonies. They were places of
celebration that brought a social element into their often difficult lives –
sound familiar? We know you want outdoor spaces that create drama and promote a
sense of well- being and would like to help you create the perfect sanctuary!

 Lead Landscape Designer Doug Glancy has been designing outdoor spaces for more than 20 years. He is a graduate from Fanshawe College and is certified through the
C.L.D. (Certified landscape Designer) program of Landscape Ontario.